Welcome to the Firehouse!

The Firehouse Center for the Arts is a 195-seat intimate theater located on the waterfront of beautiful downtown historical Newburyport. This vibrant cultural center offers national, regional and local live performances at affordable prices. We believe the Firehouse is one of the best assets our community has to offer! 

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    Wow! The 39 Steps was a Winner!

    What a thrilling night!  Read all about it here!



    EMACT Recognizes Our Production of The 39 Steps with Several Nominations

    They liked us. They really liked us!!

    We knew we had something special in our production of The 39 Steps. Starting with the script, to the cast and crew, and to the wonderful audiences they drew throughout the run of the show, it was quite a spectacle to behold for all involved. We were quite proud of the production and the remarkable talents that came together to make it all possible.

    Well, to add to our delight, we recently learned that the Eastern Massachusetts Association of Community Theaters (EMACT) has selected The 39 Steps for their Distinguished Achievement and Special Honors (DASH) awards, nominating the show in 11 categories, as well as a pre-show award for Excellence in Musical Accompaniment for Brian Nickerson. It is wonderful to be acknowledged in so many ways by such a noteworthy organization!

    Our nominations are...


    Sponsored by Concord Players 

    David Stawasz for The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts) 


    Sponsored by Advanced Lighting & Production Services

    James Atkins for The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts)


    Sponsored by Hovey Players

    Fedja Celebic for The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts)


    Sponsored by Centre Stage Theatre

    Kimm Wilkinson & Stephen Faria for The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts) 


    Sponsored by The Burlington Players

    Maria Boyd for The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts) 


    Sponsored by Sudbury Savoyards

    Kimm Wilkinson, Stephen Faria, Tim Diering & James Manclark for The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts) 


    Sponsored by Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts

    The Clowns in The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts) 


    Sponsored by Acme Theater Productions

     Conor Seamus Maroney in The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts)


    Sponsored by Acting Out! Theater

    The cast of The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts)


    Sponsored by Milton Players

    Tim Diering for The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts)


    Sponsored by Winchester Players

    The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts)



    Brian Nickerson for The 39 Steps (Firehouse Center For The Arts)

    The 2013 Annual EMACT Gala and Dash Awards will take place on Saturday, August 24 at Cary Hall in Lenxington, MA. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


    Firehouse Takes the Arts to the Beach

    Firehouse Center for the Arts is so excited to be taking part in the Salisbury Beach Center Beautification Green Initiative! We were given the following, fun challenge:

    "Our Green Initiative Mural Project will allow your organization to create your vision of environmental responsibility on the seacoast.  Share your vision of environmental friendliness specific to the local waterways, beaches and reserves."

    With a sketch book in hand, Fontaine Dubus, who so many of you know as the owner of The Dance Place and one of the founders of Exit Dance Theatre, took to creating a concept that was equally representative of our space and commitment to the arts while embracing nature as our forever muse. Her beautiful and stunning mural creation is pictured here before it left our theatre to travel to Salisbury.  It will be on display at Salisbury Beach for the summer alongside other wonderful community and environmentally focused murals. To learn more about this wonderful initiative, please visit the Salisbury Beach Green Initiative Mural Project.


    Rolling Benefits

    Just as membership at the Firehouse Center for the Arts is accepted on a rolling basis, so too are the benefits we offer to our members inside and around the Firehouse! 

    Rolling out this month is Loretta Restaurant, who we thank most graciously for their long time support as one of the first businesses to participate in our member benefits program and as a consistent supporter of the Firehouse Center for the Arts. 

    Rolling in this month is Andiamo Restaurant + Bar, who will be offering members a 15% discount on your entire meal (exlcuing alcohol)  to members who present their Firehouse membership card. We are very excited to have them on board with us!

    Please consider Andiamo for your next evening of "Dinner and a Show"! As we truly thank all the businesses we work with for their generosity to our members, we also thank you, our members, for supporting the arts in our community!


    Newburyport Arts Community Well Represented in Boston

    The weekend of the Boston Theater Marathon is upon us and Newburyport arts supporters have much to be excited about, as the city's vibrant arts community shall be well represented!

    For those unfamiliar, the 15th annual Boston Theater Marathon, which takes place at the Boston Center for the Arts, features 50 ten minute plays, by 50 New England Playwrights, produced by 50 New England theaters in a continuous 10 hour stretch from noon to 10pm on Sunday, May 12, 2013. Phew!

    In addition, a warm-up lap takes place the previous day on Saturday, May 11 with three plays being presented. And this is where our Newburyport residents start to shine. At 2PM, a staged reading of Widow Walk will take place written by Newbury resident Deirdre Girard. With Newburyport as its backdrop and local women as its primary inspiration, it is a story of friendships challenged when conflicting fundamental beliefs come into play.

    Then, on Saturday, at 1PM, Jack Rushton's Remembering Elizabeth will be presented by The Actor's Studio of Newburyport, featuring the acting talents of Newburyport's own Terry Blanchard and Mary Shapiro and directed by Maureen Daley.

    And, of course, to toot our own horn a little bit, Stephen Faria will be directing "Twilight (Years)" on behalf of the Firehouse Center for the Arts in the 5-6pm time slot on Saturday, featuring Anne Easter Smith and Alan Huisman as our acting players.

    So plan a trip into Boston this weekend and support the immense and varied talents of Newburyport and surrounding towns! The warm up lap is free and open to the public. Tickets for the Boston Theater Marathon on Sunday are $25 and are available online by clicking here. All net proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the Theatre Community Benevolent Fund which provides financial support to theatres and theatre artists in times of need.  Long live the arts!